Heya everyone! A little about me – I am a Canadian author, mother of 2, and wife of 1! 😄 Claiming Kristopher is my first published novel, and I am super excited that my second in the series — Fighting for Forgiveness — is finally available!

I also have published poetry in the PEI Writes publication and have given public readings at local coffee houses. When I am not writing or spending time with the fam I am almost certainly taking on a project or two. I am a die hard DIY kind of gal. I have three dreams in life: To be the best mom I can be, to be as self sufficient as I know how, and to write books full time that my readers can relate to and fall in love with. I hope anyone passing over this website will read, absorb, and by all means leave reviews! Review and share share share in this social media crazed world! 😃 Happy reading everyone!!