I never know how to start a blog post. With a story its simple – there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. The reader is introduced to the characters; the storyline and plot are strung together in a seemingly effortless fashion, and then the resolution happens before anyone is ready for it. Hopefully, at this point the reader is left gasping from the excitement or choked up from the tragic ending.

Blogging, as I am learning, is different. Usually, I have a topic in mind but never sure on how to start. I try my best to come up with creative ways of easing into the discussion or topic but it is proving to be harder than it sounds.

While writing my novels, I often relied on my characters; one of the differences between writing a novel and a blog. I absolutely love creating characters for my story. Yes, I can describe a scenery or an event, but what I enjoy the most is what will hook the reader – the characters. Character development is one of the ways to hook a reader into your story. Are the character superficial and stereotypical? The trick is to make your characters personalities run deep and feel real to the reader, so much so that reader wishes to befriend them.

One of my characters, Courtney Cairns, from my novel Claiming Kristospher, is an extremely complex girl. If she were real, I know that I would want to be friends with her. She is down to earth, kind, and would do anything for her friends. She also loves to go out and have fun and will convince everyone else to join her.

I am excited for my readers to get to know Courtney even better in my upcoming novel, Fighting for Forgiveness.

Do any of my follows have a favourite fictional character(s)? I would love to hear from you.


One thought on “Characters

  1. It’s so hard to pick a favourite! Over my lifetime I’ve made friends with many fictional characters, probably starting with Tom Sawyer! And Meg from the book “Margaret” that my older sister gave me when I was 11 or 12. Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, so many from The Game of Thrones! It’s like asking for my favourite colour! Or my favourite dessert! Too many to choose from.

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