Do I have hobbies?

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you all had a great weekend! I certainly did. My sister along with my niece and nephew came up for the weekend to visit and help us out around the house – which is awesome and I am grateful. It has been challenging to get outside and do some chores finished since I am recuperating from surgery and my wife is 8 months pregnant. To say that I appreciate my sister coming to help up is an understatement.

Not being able to occupy myself with chores or my DIY projects has given me an opportunity to do some much needed writing for my second book. And of course write some blog posts to give you all some insights into my life.

I have so many things that I love to do with my time but I suppose only a few of them would be considered a hobby. For example, I absolutely love biking the trails here on PEI in the summer, it is killing me that I have not been able to find time to hit the trails so far this summer. I also enjoy kayaking, and every summer the Western Recreation schedules days throughout the season to kayak for free. It is a wonderful event as it gets the community move involved and gives people a chance to try it out.

Painting the walls of the house is another favourite thing of mine to do – there is just something about putting that last coat of paint on the walls; the new freshness in a room and knowing that I can completely transform the space by the colours I choose!

I would also say stacking wood is another (one might say chore) that I thoroughly enjoy doing, for the sole reason that it is peaceful hard work that I can feel great about after. Same as weeding the flower garden. I guess you could say I enjoy doing many things around the house and I guess you could say I like the responsibility of having to do these things and it makes it that much more rewarding when they are completed.

Of course besides hard labour I enjoy playing board games with my family and rummy.

But none of these things are what I would call a hobby exactly. So I am left wondering if reading and writing are the only hobbies I have got? And is writing considered a hobby if my intentions are to make it my livelihood?

Things to think about I guess. Either way I have lots to do and lots of things to catch up once I am fully recovered.