Gratitude poem

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let me be brief on this blog as I know we are all busy and on the run!

I am grateful this Thanksgiving for all the loved ones that I have. I’m grateful for my hands and my thoughts and for my readers that I grab.

I grab them with my personality, my talent or my book. My characters reel them in and my cover makes them look!

I am grateful for that.

I’m grateful I live in a Country who tries to understand my way of life. It saddens me to think of so much blind anger and miserable strife.

I am grateful for my health and well being; grateful for the beauty and the earth that I’m seeing.

I am grateful for my shelter, with all its old warmth and charms. I’m grateful for my warm bed and outside barns. Those barns will one day hold alpacas and hens – we’ll have 2 or 3, or maybe 10!

I’m grateful for this heartfelt season – with its apples and colour and falling leaves. Fall is a season I voice gratitude and all my reasons!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this light and fluffy blog! Go enjoy your families, your turkey, and your egg nog!

Oh wait, that’s Christmas! LOL! See you all next week!!! Happy Thanksgiving ☺️🍽🍷

4 thoughts on “Gratitude poem

  1. So nice Angel. You amaze me always in the writing from
    years back when I was always saying WILL YOU GET OUT HERE ha ha
    you could not put pen down
    it has paid off. Keep it up. Hope we see more.

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