How it all started

It isΒ a gorgeous Canada Day! I’ve just eaten a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, fruit and whip cream (yum!) and I’m ready to embrace the day πŸ™‚

I’m still tired from working in the nursery yesterday! I’m finally accepting the fact that gutting half a bedroom and then doing all the stages by myself (my sister helped early on), is a very long process!

Many of you don’t know this, but I worked on my first novel, “Claiming Kristopher” for a very long time! Many years in fact, over fifteen πŸ™‚ It wasn’t called that of course, and the intensity of the plot line was simmered down dramatically but my characters were all there πŸ™‚ A couple of them troubled, a few privileged, coinciding with the typical story of different worlds colliding.

Quite honestly with all the places and homes that I’ve lived, my childhood memories have become quite jumbled. I do however, remember strong influential books like “The Outsiders”, and “Slam”, and “The Rock”. These books and their characters gave me a true eye into a world so different than my much more sheltered version when I was a kid. I remember being in grade five and my two cousins came to live with us. They were from Montreal, and just the way they spoke and the way they dressed had me intrigued with their lifestyle. Since then I have been fascinated with the more urban way of life, knowing for certain there was more to explore than small PEI!

I have been writing about these character for forever it seems most days. If you’ve read “Claiming Kristopher” at all then you might understand why I’ve had trouble letting them go πŸ™‚ I’d gone through about six drafts before the final version of my book. I have had to endure the emotional editing process where I was forced to cut scenes and characters. But looking at the finishing product now has me so glad I was able to trust in my editors.

What people might find most interesting about my writing process is that I visualize everything before I write a scene. You could say I daydream about a scene and when I can finally see the scene like a movie then it goes on paper.

Well, that’s it for me today! I am off to see the tall ships!

Chat soon.