My Book Audience

Welcome back to my blog everyone!

I am sorry to have gone so long without a post! I have been recovering from a surgery I had last week and am just now feeling more like myself and able to think clearly.

Today as I was resting I was thinking about who my audience is for my Claiming Kristopher novel. Since Claiming Kristopher is a romance novel but quite frankly I have always sort of hated labelling it as such.

I have not read a romance book where the main character could be as real as my character Kris is. I have read so many romance books and even if the main character claims to have a darker past, they seem well put together – muscular, brave and courageous, sweeping in to save their damsel in distress. This is not what my novel is like. Therefore, I like to consider my novel to have characters that have more complex story of real humans that people can relate to. My novel, or at least I wrote it to be, more than romance and steamy sex.

I envision my readers laughing and crying with Kris and Drew (two main characters) and be able to fight with them or for them. I want my characters liveliness to jump off the pages so that the reader (hopefully you) can see that the story unfolding before them is a roadmap; paths leading to several possible end points. I want my readers to share in Kris’s journey as he evolves into this extremely complex human being.

So, is this book filled with romance elements? Yes.

But it is also dark and gritty and most importantly real (well realistic). It touches on subjects that aren’t brought up enough (in my opinion). As long as you can handle them, you’ll quickly discover there is no hero or heroine – just people.