My Interview with CBC #TBT

Hey all!

Welcome to my second ever blog of my life. 🙂 My first blog I had introduced myself and informed the world (or at least my incredibly awesome followers), of a few personal facts!

This time I am going to Throwback Thursday #TBT (do people still do that?) to when I had my first radio interview with CBC Radio.

The days leading up the interview were full of excitement and a bundle of nerves! It was going to be a telephone interview, and I was terrified I would somehow screw it up. Several worries popped through my head at the time, from missing the phone call to fudging up the questions asked!

When the phone call did come, my son was with me in the car. He knew I was nervous and said kind words of encouragement. During the interview he was super quiet which was nice, and it lasted only a few minutes. I quickly found out however, that all the questions I assumed the interviewer would ask, she wasn’t planning to. So I threw down my notepad with ready replies, and winged it.

Listening to the interview later had me laughing. I could hear the nervousness in my voice, and I knew then that there wasn’t anything to be worried about!

I’ll know better for next time. If anyone has any suggestions for future interviews please leave me a comment. 🙂

Chat with you soon.


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