My review on an incredible read!

Good morning to you all! I hope everyone had a fantastic past week, and that you got whatever you’d wanted accomplished. I am not a hockey fan really, but I understand there are hundreds of people from away that have come to take part in the Hockeyville festivities here on PEI. It is a rare opportunity to have NHL teams on the island, and I anticipate hockey fans chattering excitedly about the events for days to come!

My son had gone to the festivities with some friends, but rather than subjecting myself to the lineups and crowds (remember I don’t like hockey), I buried my nose in one of the best books I have read in a long time! Well, besides my own book!! Haha.

The book is titled, “home front”, by Kristin Hannah. It’s a family based drama story set in 2005 – in the midst of the war in Iraq. “home front” is the story of Micheal and Jolene – a married couple of 12 years. Micheal is a defense lawyer and his career comes before his family. Jolene is in the guard working part time – she’d left active duty years ago to raise their two children. Their marriage is falling apart; they barely talk to one another – distant roommates at best. Leftover from childhood traumas, Jolene prefers to ignore her fears and sadness, instead pretending all is well in her life. Micheal has always hated his wife’s military career, and in fact disapproving of war in all its forms and beliefs. His distaste of her way of life has always put a strain on their relationship; and, after Micheal loses his father Jolene’s irritating optimistic outlook only pulls him further away.

By the time Jolene is deployed to Iraq, she feels that actions and hurtful words have taken them to a place in their marriage that they can never resurface from. She leaves without an ‘I love you’, and without a kiss from her husband. During the months that she is at war Jolene writes home to her two daughters, choosing not to put her heart out further to her husband. Oblivious to what his wife actually does, it takes a long time to really see the woman he’d lost.

When Jolene returns home, her life and that of her family’s will never be the same.

And that, readers and blog followers, is all I am going to say about the plot! Wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you!! Seriously though, “home front” is an incredible book. Me being an author as well really makes me appreciate all the research and effort author Kristin Hannah put in.

I love the layers of emotion in this story. “home front”, is beautiful and inspiring as it confronts friendship and loss; forgiveness and the power of love; inner strength and the turmoils that go along with parenting. The characters are people that we all can relate to, and watching them develop through the story was a wonderful experience.

In closing, I would recommend this book, “home front”, by Kristin Hannah to anyone and everyone!

Have a marvelous week you guys, and feel free to drop me a line! I always look forward to comments and feedback 😁

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  1. I was at their house while Angel was reading this book! She couldn’t put it down! If you want to see someone devour a book, it’s Angel. She enjoys them thoroughly! I need to add this one to my reading list!

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