Nursery Renovations Part II

Hi Everyone!

I hope your weekend was great. I am happy that you have taken the time to check out my blog.

As a recap, my last post was the first half of the renovation process on my upcoming daughters nursery. My sister, Andrea, and I had completed insulating and putting up a vapour barrier. Andrea was a fantastic help through the first half of this project, and I honestly could not have gotten through the drywall process without her help.

She came up the following weekend (she lives 2 hours away) and together we began organizing how the walls should be done. We quickly realized that my initial cuts of the drywall were done wrong! I had to cut them to fit up my hundred year old stairway but as it turns out the jab saw I was using was not appropriate. lol I wish my brother had of told me that beforehand or have seen that small detail in the tutorial. Needless to say, my sister turned out to have a much straighter eye than me and took change of properly scoring the drywall from then on.

I will be honest, taking on something as big as a bedroom was nerve wracking at first. I was in tears a few times when things we not going right. For example, trying to get the outlet through the drywall while being utterly exhausted from the first coat of seam fill. Well, to be honest, I actually gave up at that point and went to bed. All the while, my sister stayed up until 3 a.m. seam-filling. I can’t thank Andrea enough (if you are reading this – you are terrific)!

By June 11, the gutting of the walls had been done; the insulation and poly had been completed, as well the first coat of mud. We chose to use the ready mix compound since the dry stuff is supposed to be more difficult to sand. I am glad we opted to use the ready mix because I was terrible with the trowel. haha.

Come June 13, I was well on my way with the second coat of mud. Each layer I put on the walls and each time I sanded (I detested this part by the way) I improved. There were two areas that I had to fix, a ceiling seam and a spot in the corner where the drywall was busted. I could still notice the imperfections after two coats of mud so I said the hell with it! It put me back a few days but I certainly did not want to rush this project. I wanted my daughters room to be perfect!

June 21, I was priming! After that it was golden for a while. I am a good painter, so I just took my time and after another coat of seam filling I was ready to paint the ceiling, the walls, and most of the trim (the stuff we kept anyway).

Over this past week my partner and son helped me put down the laminate flooring. It was so nice to work together as a team; my son who is 10 is a natural! My sisters kids were up for a visit and pitched in too. It was certainly a team effort all around.

Now all I have to do is paint the baseboards and window trim. I will post a few pictures of the finished bedroom for those who are curious to see the final product.

Thanks for reading!


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