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Heya! Welcome back to my blog.

While I have been busy today renovating the nursery, for our little wonder that is due to arrive soon, I got to thinking about my days as a single parent with my son Colten. He is ten now, and is really understanding in my need for writing; he certainly wasn’t always like that. I remember being so busy working outside the home, inside the home, and playing with him as a toddler that I did not have much time to write at all. When I didn’t fall asleep putting him to bed, I occasionally could buckle down for three or four hours to write. It was then and there that I could create life on the pages.

These days my wonderful partner and Colten play together while I am in my zone. Now no matter what time of day it is, so long as i have a few hours of free time, then I can find bliss writing about my fictional friends.

Chat soon friends! 🙂


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