Renovating an old house!

Heya everyone! Welcome back to my blog, and I’m sorry for missing out on one last week.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, and are now gearing up for lots of Halloween fun! Our family had two dinners, and came together from different parts of the island. That’s always a nice time to catch up.

As for Halloween, our ten year old son wants to be Kaos from Skylanders. LOL. It will be interesting to see his costume in the end!

So between looking after our new little one, we have been binge watching Arrow (amazing series if you’ve never seen it!), and on my free time I’ve been renovating our sunroom. Our plan is to insulate it and convert the unused room into the rest of the house. So my first step was taking off the door to the outside. It didn’t close properly, and I think the end result will look great if that door became a wall.

Here are a few pictures of my progress so far. I will keep you all updated on this fun adventure! Have a great evening, and please be sure to check back next Monday. 😁 See ya!

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