Secondary characters in “Claiming Kristopher”

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog, and truly sorry it’s been so long! The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy for myself and the fam! We have been on the go with baseball, family visiting, beach days, and I spent a week taking care of a dear friend of mine. 

The fall season is approaching quickly, and soon my son will be on to grade five, and my brand new daughter will have arrived! (She is due the first, but my wife is eating a lot of labour inducing foods so hopefully the baby will be on schedule!)

For those of you who have been regularly visiting my blog, you know I talk frequently about my life, my projects, and my first published novel “Claiming Kristopher”. 😁

Today, I thought it would be good to discuss some of my secondary characters in my book, and their roles in the plot line.  

Courtney Ann Cairns is best friends with my main character Drew Matheson. Throughout the story she plays a significant role in both Drew’s life and of Kris McLeans. She is Drew’s protector,  and always willing to share her opinion and support to Drew. Courtney’s family is rich, but she has a very humble personality. She chooses to work at a pub with Drew’s sister Melanie rather than take on the drama that is her family life. When Kris enters into Drew’s life, Courtney is skeptical and abrasive. That is, until Kris shows her a side of him she didn’t think possible.   

Jennifer Matheson is another secondary character, and originally she was going to have her own POV every fourth chapter. She is Drew’s mother, and before my editor got a hold of the story, I had a lot explanations throughout as to why she was so tolerant to her daughter’s relationship with Kris. But that’s essentially what is was – back story, and although it was good it was unnecessary and was therefore cut!️

Anyway, have a great week and stay tuned for my next blog!  

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