Symbolism and what they mean for my characters!

Life in general is full of symbolism, each one affecting a person differently. Religion itself is a symbol, as there are many different beliefs but everyone who worships believe in a higher power of some sort.

To me music is a strong symbol, giving life to an otherwise dull party or comfort after a bad day. Music soothes the mind and invigorates the body, and honestly I could not imagine life without catchy vocals and cool lyrics.

In my book, “Claiming Kristopher”, there are quite a few symbols that my readers have picked up on. Some of them I had put there intentionally but others I hadn’t thought of until it was pointed out to me!

The biggest symbol in my first novel would be, of course, Kris’s journal.  It has an important place throughout the entire story because of what it means to Kris. In it he grows as a character, and the journal’s presence affects more than just him.

Another obvious symbol in my book is the sunrise. For one, it brings the two main characters together; and two it represents a great deal to Kris in his life of turmoil.

A couple other symbols shown throughout the story are more subtle, but are powerful in their own right. Drew’s car, her Honda Civic, shows us the love she has for her father and she often describes what the car means to her.

Another more subtle symbol is Kris’s love of basketball. It is mentioned throughout the story how he never goes far without the ball or his journal. The basketball could be a symbol of freedom for Kris, as how he feels when he is running up and down the court or slamming the ball into the net. For a few fleeting moments his worries disappear and then there is just the game.

Last but not least, the ranch setting is an important symbol in the story. The horses represent freedom as well, and forgiveness. Everyone knows horses and ranch work is good for the soul. It calms the angry voices inside you and makes you a better person.

That’s it for today folks! Happy blogging everyone! See you next time 😁

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