New to Blogging

Hi my name is Angel. I am an author, mother, animal lover, and a die hard DIYer!

I am just starting out with blogging, so here are a few more facts about me.

  1. I have been writing since my grade four class where my teachers introduced us to ball point pens.
  2. No, I do not still use ball point pens (I have adapted to computers over the years ha!).
  3. I am known to have a pretty good sense of humour.
  4. Even with years of people telling me I wouldn’t and shouldn’t publish a book, I have in fact published my first fictional novel this past December, Claiming Kristopher.
  5. I am currently working on a sequel to my novel Claiming Kristopher. I am so thrilled to be given this gift of written expression!

Chat with you soon.


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